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ST40 tokamak progress update - March 2021

Our high-field spherical tokamak, ST40, has been having a major upgrade over the past year or so. Now it's just about ready to turn on again. This progress update is provided by Adrian McFarland, Electrical Engineering Manager, and Nick Armstrong, ST40 Programme Manager. We take a look at what's new with ST40 and what will be happening next. They also talk about how the team has been able to make progress on a complex construction and engineering project while dealing with the limitations that the Covid-19 pandemic has placed on everyone.

Cooling the magnetic coils to improve performance of the ST40 tokamak

In tokamak experiments that use copper coils for magnets (rather than superconductors), the copper will heat up as current flows through them. Cooling the copper can improve performance by enabling the copper to carry more current and thereby produce higher magnetic fields.

Doug Rose-Innes, Consultant Mechanical Engineer, tells us about the liquid nitrogen system being installed on ST40 to cool the copper coils, discussing why do we need it, why can't we have any liquid nitrogen in the tokamak when firing a shot, and how we control the flow of nitrogen within the system.

Filmed before Covid-19.

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