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Сабуфер НЧ бокс Fostex W300A 100 литров DIY продается 30 см низкочастотный динамик. Backs to school!

Сабуфер Fostex W300A 30 cm diy woofer based great #speakers now for sale!!! From 6500$/pair!!! Backs to school!
#Woofers - #Fostex W300A
#Midranges - #TAD TD-2001 + Exclusive EH-321L #Horns
#Tweeters - Pioneer PT-R7iii or optionally other models

3 types of crossover.

Our Speakers plays Emotionally and Musically!!!

Данная акустическая система (#фазолинейная) воспроизводит натуральные тембра так же легко, как и передает атаку и артикуляцию #баса. #Частота настройка #фазоинвертора - 29 Герц!!!! Это просто чумовая акустика своими руками, способная создать атмосферу реального #концерта у Вас дома!

#fostex #crossover #horns #tad #w300A #акустические

Seat Ibiza 6J Subwoofer - Pioneer TS-WX300A (!~!~!Don't use headphones or lower your volume!~!~!)

My Seat Ibiza 6J(Pre facelift) fitted with a Pioneer TS-WX300A Subwoofer(Cables are in temporary position until permanent placement). Gain is at 50%, volume is at 50% as well

The car has many sound absorbing/sound blocking materials, it's not a typical Seat Ibiza, I'm estimating the total mass of soundproof materials to be around 25KG and that's the reason it's so quiet when all doors are closed

How to set up a Tenda Router for Wireless N access

Micro Center Tech Support shows you how to set up a Tenda Router for Wireless N access.




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