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Railfanning the Seibu Ikebukuro Line near Shiinamachi Station 8/15/18

Railfanning at the railway crossing by Shiinamachi Station on the Seibu Railway Ikebukuro Line just outside of Tokyo. Trains featured in this video include the 2000 series, the 20000 series (including few in the Galaxy Express 999 scheme), the 10000 series (AKA the Red Arrow limited express, including one in the classic scheme), the 30000 series, and the 9000 series (even some in the specially painted Seibu Lions and the Lucky Red Train scheme). On the last clip, you can see the train warning device activating at the platform, which is a yellow strobe with crossing bell used at Seibu Railway stations to warn passengers of the oncoming trains. Enjoy!

JR action train station toy ☆ Japanese train toy fun Shinkansen & Seibu Railway 9000 series

It is a toy you want children all over the world to enjoy. The Japanese train is said to be JR. The station moves, 40 sounds and sounds sound.
The yellow train is cool.
Feel the feeling that everyone became a conductor, enjoy.
Let's move by hand and play, let the train depart, or passengers on board.
Toys give dreams and hope to children all over the world.
If you play on train, children will smile.
We want to have children enjoy with toys.

フォーチュントリニティ4 RAIDEN JP 配当3倍!トリプルオーブくんボーナス ドラム抽選 万枚JP獲得





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